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Importance of Roofing Company Insurance Claims

an roof insurance inspection is being performed

Importance of Roofing Company Insurance Claims

an roof insurance inspection is being performed

By now, you might be already aware that filing a roof insurance claim is a bit tedious and bothersome activity. However, you do not have any choice but have insurance to protect your home from potential damages, especially those that are very costly. When the inevitable happens, a roof insurance claim is the first thing you would be having in mind. Here in Huntsville, Alabama, as well as other US states, roofing insurance has been part and parceled of owning a property. However, apart from reliable roof insurance, you should also have a reliable roofing company to help you with your insurance claim, such as 2nd2None Roofing & Construction.

How Roof Insurance Assistance Works?

When you have a reliable roofing partner on your side, it would be easier for you to process a roof insurance claim in order to hasten the repair or restoration of your property’s damaged roof. With the help of an expert roofer, proper inspection and documentation will be expertly and quickly done. Such a report is one of the main consideration when it comes to a roofing insurance claim.

Once the damage has been properly checked and a report has been made along with other necessary documentation, a roofing company will then coordinate with your insurance provider. Roofing company such as 2nd2None Roofing & Construction will see to it that your insurance coverage will be fully maximized.

A roofing contractor will also be the one to communicate with an insurance adjuster and work with them to come up with a favorable agreement to quickly fix your roof to restore its beauty and efficiency. However, the ones listed above are just a mere overview of the process, for there are other considerations to make. And this may include the ones listed down below.

Factors Affecting Roofing Insurance

Lack of Roof Maintenance

For most property owners, the importance of roof maintenance is only felt when filing an insurance claim. It is when you realize that roof maintenance is one of the primary factors to consider for an insurance company to release a claim or cover the roofing damages.

Maintaining your roof is not that difficult as you might have imagined. There are many ways on how you may maintain your roofing system. Apart from the famous do-it-yourself process, you should highly consider asking the help of a roofing company. The roof maintenance service they would be offering is geared not just for the efficiency of your roofing, but also with the necessary checklists of an insurance company. A roofing contractor knows what most insurance companies check during an insurance claim process; hence, they can easily adjust their work towards such a checklist when needed.

Your Roof’s Age

Another consideration that you should take into account concerning insurance claim is the age of your roof. You need to understand that some insurance companies will not cover damages on a roof that has reached a 10-20 year mark. It is as such for during such years, wear and tear are already manifesting. However, this is not only the basis for an insurance claim, for although your roof age is a bit old, its efficiency and appearance may also somehow equitably offset or mitigate its depreciating value no matter the age of your roof. Thus, leading us back to proper and regular roof inspection, maintenance, and repair.

Insurance Claim Filing Tips

Apart from having a reputable roofing company to help you with your roof insurance claim, you should also check the coverage of your insurance policy. This will help you avoid wasting your time, especially if the roofing damaged is not actually being covered by your insurance company. There are other insurance companies that will not include specific roofing damage unless they are specifically stated in the coverage as add-ons.


When opportunity would allow you, it would be best to take clear evidence of the damage on your property. It is a good practice to always take your own documentation, such as photos or videos. Note the date and time for each evidence for easy validation.

Ask A Roofing Contractor For Help

Perhaps the most important and effective tip is for you to hire a professional roofing contractor. In the event of roofing damage, you should be aware that there might be other contractors pretending to be an expert to insurance claims, which is why you should be wary about it. Only trust those who are highly recommended by your peers or those that known to be one of the best contractors in your area.

Types of Roofing Materials


There was a time when there were only limited options when it came to roofing materials. The options that we had were asphalt shingles, slate, clay, and concrete. Times have changed, and today we have a wide range of alternatives from which we can choose. Here are some of the different roofing materials available in the market.

Solar Tiles

Advanced solar panels inserted into the shingles are called the solar tiles. They have the capacity to generate one kilowatt of energy per hundred square feet. It is very much suitable for sunny roofs. Even though they are energy efficient, the biggest disadvantage is that they cost more than the average solar panels.

Asphalt Shingles


Asphalt Shingles are the most commonly used roofing materials in the United States.  They are very effective in all environmental conditions. The asphalt shingles can be categorized based on their quality. Before these tiles hit the market, they are subjected to a lot of tests that include ASTM D3161, Class F test or ASTM D7158, Class H wind test and the AC438 test for durability.  If your residence is in a place which is prone to constant natural hazards like heavy storms and hail storm it is better to opt for tiles with impact resistance that has UL2218 class 4 rating.

Metal Roofing

The metal roofing comes in two types. They are the vertical panels or shingles resembling slate.  They are mainly chosen for their durability. The average life of the metal roofing is almost sixty years. The metal sheets have the capability to withstand heavy snow, rain, and wind. It is also light in weight and hence can be easily installed over the existing roof. Even though it has a lot of advantages, there are also a few disadvantages. It creates a lot of noise and will dent during hail storms.

Stone Coated Steel

These stone coated steel are interlocking panels. They are capable of withstanding damage caused by heavy rains and winds that blow at a speed of 120 miles per hour. Most of these stone coated steel roofs have a lifetime warranty.


Slate is one of the most reliable roofing materials. These slate roofs can last more than 100 years. It is fireproof, hence won’t burn. It is also waterproof, so there is no worry about fungus and other maintenance issues. It is not suitable for places with hail because it can easily break. It is heavy and is also expensive when compared to the rest of the materials.

 Rubber Slate

The rubber slates have a very natural look. It can be easily cut with a knife which makes it easier to fix in complicated areas. These rubber slates are generally found in Victorian homes. They have the capacity to last up to hundred years but can be easily damaged by walking and hail. It is very similar to slate, and it is very hard to find trained professionals who can install rubber slates.