snow and ice on top the roof

Top Roofing Causes Of Roofing Damage in Seattle WA

 Top Roofing Causes Of Roofing Damage In Seattle WA

Your home is constantly under the mercy of the environment. Whether it is just a strong wind or a huge storm passing by, your property is always at risk of being damaged. And this is especially true with your home’s roofing system. Since it is the first line of defense, your the roofing system takes the majority of the beating coming from various factors outside. However, it is not just a storm and winds that cause the damage to your roofing system, especially here in  Seattle, Washington. Roofing companies in the area, such as Eco Home Service & Roofing highly suggest to property owners to take note of some of the most common causes of roofing damages, including the ones listed down below.

snow and ice on top the roof

Poor or Lack of Maintenance

One of the factors that cause your roof to deteriorate or be damaged is the lack or poor maintenance. Regular roof inspection and maintenance are important for they help you keep track of the overall condition of your building as well as its functionality. With the help of inspection and maintenance, you will be avoiding costly damages. Similarly, you will also be helped in dealing with roofing issues that are quite debilitating or damaging in the long run. As a result of this maintenance practice, you will not only enjoy comfort and convenience on your property, but you will ultimately safe from potential injuries caused by the sudden structural collapse.

Another reason why roof maintenance is important is that it will help you save time. The time-consuming roofing services that are needed to restore your roof to its normal state would be avoided if you will consider regular roofing maintenance. That is why it is always essential to ask the help of experts when it comes to roofing.

Ice Damage

Situated in a state where snow is inevitable and would sometimes be damaging, the roofing system is one of the most affected home exterior components. With loads of snow and ice on top your roof during the winter seasons, the lifespan of your roof will likely decline. Whether it melts or not, damage can be done by the presence of snow on top of your roof. As the water melts and refreezes, shingles and flashings will be lifted from its original position. Thus, causing damage to the integrity of your roofing shingles. Similarly, water brought melting snow will also lead to roof corrosion and deterioration, which is why it is always important to take note of this roofing issues that cause great damages to your property so that you will know what to do in the aftermath.

Wind Damage

As highlighted above, the wind is also one of the primary culprits on why roofing system deteriorates and even be damaged. Strong and recurring winds are known to weaken, the nails, shingles, and other roofing materials currently holding your roofing system together. Although some winds are not that fierce, daily exposure to it causes for your roof to be damaged. For that matter, regular inspection is highly advised by roofing professionals to immediately aid the issue without the need of resorting to roof replacement or other costly roofing procedures.

Improper Installation

It is not just the weather that causes roofing damage to your property. One of the reasons for damaged roofing is the improper or poor installation of the roofing materials. You have to take note that not all roofing companies are created equal, nor their commitment. There are some companies that are only inspired or motivated to work for money alone, without any qualms for excellence and even sometimes safety and industry standard.

For that matter, the results of their roofing services are often faulty and dangerous. This is an unfair way of serving clients who paid what they think was the proper compensation for the work they have received. For that matter, it is always essential for you to scrutinize the roofing company you will be dealing with, in order to avoid poor roofing services that are often priced high.

Those are some of the factors that cause damages to your roofing system, whether at home or at your place of business. It is essential to always keep in mind that regardless of the reason behind the roofing issue, a proper roofing contractor will surely make a huge difference. In order to be properly guided with your selection, always keep in mind some of the tips in choosing a reliable roofing partner. This may include asking referrals from family and friends and even doing a thorough research online. The best way to maximize the usable lifespan of your roofing system and to avoid recurring repair services is to choose an honest and highly competent roofing contractor, so better choose wisely.

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